April 2014

3 in 1 – Golf Format With The Most Variety

April 17th, 2014|

If you love some variety, you will love this game. 3 in 1 means to mix three different scoring formats in one round of golf. You simply change the  format every six holes. You can use whatever kind of formats you prefer. For example:

You can use all the formats I provide under the go play sections of each day or use whatever rules you like. Just make sure that all three formats are chosen before the round so that there is no confusion or discussion later on. Depending on the formats you play with an overall score or give points for [...]

Footwork – Long Game Golf Lesson

April 17th, 2014|

Since golfers are stationary during their swing, footwork is getting neglected by many. Yet the feet and legs play an important role for a good golf swing. Footwork is a key element for striking the ball well and generating maximum power at impact. There might be players who are more active with their upper body than their lower body.

But you will not find a good golfer who does not use his legs and solid footwork during his swing.

So it is always a good idea to focus some time on developing footwork and leg action from time to time. To do this [...]

Medical Strips – Short Game Putting Lesson

April 17th, 2014|

Only if you are able to hit with the sweet spot of your putter every time, you can be sure that a consistent stroke generates the same roll every time. You may be shocked when you try this exercise, that you are actually making contact all over the place with your putter. But do not sweat it. Once you have tried this exercise you will improve your accuracy fast because it makes things visible you simply have not noticed before.

You do a normal putting routine of your choice, but you stick two medical strips on the clubface of your putter. Place [...]

Emotional Roller-Coaster – Mental Game Golf Lesson

April 17th, 2014|

In my experience emotions have a big impact on your performance and golf swing, positive and negative. Even more than most people might think. Professional players know this because they often have to play although they are not feeling well. The weekend warrior can simply stay at home, if there is anything wrong. But there is also some valuable lessons to be learned from playing when you are not feeling your best. Usually it is not really the truth anyway.

It is the same effect you usually see in gyms and with New Year‘s resolutions regularly. At  first people are motivated. But [...]

The Short Straw – Fun and Simple Golf Format

April 16th, 2014|

This little addition to the game is a lot of fun and forces you to be creative with your golf clubs and tee shots at the same time. You can play this in teams or one on one. Before each tee shot each side is drawing straws. Be prepared for this and do not make it more difficult than it is.

You obviously do not want to hold up the whole golf course. It is best if one player gets the role for holding the straws (matches, sticks, whatever you like) and all the other players draw. If you are playing one [...]

The One-Two Punch Shot – Long Game Golf Lesson

April 15th, 2014|

The punch is one of the most useful shots for experienced players and beginners alike. In fact it is one of the best shots for beginners to learn and use off the tee. And it is actually pretty easy to perform once you tried it a few times. It is usually played into wide and open fairways that lead into an open green. It is also really useful when the wind is strong as the trajectory is relatively low compared to a normal shot. To perform the punch shot go to the range and try the following.

You can think of [...]

Chipping Into Buckets – Short Game Golf Lesson

April 14th, 2014|

With chipping touch and feel plays an important role because you generally do not want the ball to stay where it lands. There are usually two components to a chip. On the one hand the landing spot and on the other hand the roll of the ball after it lands.

It is the combination of the two that makes a good chip. A common mistake is to focus so much on technique and coming close to the flag that the landing spot is too near to the hole. I made this mistake countless times. First you are happy for making good [...]

There is No Ball – Mental Game Golf Lesson

April 11th, 2014|

Theoretically, if you have a sound technique and a repeatable consistent swing, the golf ball is almost irrelevant. It is simply in the way of your swing. Many golfers have the feeling that their practice swings are more fluent and better in general. The thing is in terms of tempo and rhythm, that is usually true.

Today you will be hitting the fewest balls you ever hit during a practice session. First you focus on the shot you want to accomplish and imagine the outcome. Then you do a lot of practice swings without a ball (15 to 20 at least). Focus [...]

Dare to be Different – Mental Game Golf Lesson

April 11th, 2014|

Golfers are some of the most stubborn people. Most of them stick to their sport and do not want to try anything different. But if you try other sports, you can only learn from the experience.

Especially if it is another sport with a club or a ball. So today you will not be playing golf but try something new. I recommend  something slightly similar to golf and most importantly something you have never tried before.

Things you could try can be tennis, squash, baseball, hockey, ice-hockey, cricket, badminton, disc golf or anything else you have not tried yet, but find interesting.

The most important [...]

Good Old Times – Long Game Golf Lesson

April 11th, 2014|

Technology advances fast. That is also true for golf. But usually the promises the big companies make are not really kept. In the end you cannot buy a lower handicap. Take a look around in the pro-shop of your local club.

You want to find the oldest equipment you can find in the shop. Ask for old or used equipment. Usually the  equipment that is for rent is pretty old too. So that is an option as well.

If you get a weird look tell them it is for an experiment and you simply want to try those clubs and maybe even buy [...]